Denver Post —

New Standard Lighting came into my plant two years ago and proposed saving me money. I was skeptical, but Matthew showed good knowledge and a strong willingness to prove he could save me money. He offered this service for free and spent many weeks going over my entire plant — at no cost — to come up with a plan and make it work within my budget. He did all of the work with Xcel energy to get the rebates I could qualify for and worked with me and my management team to get the costs where we needed them to hit our ROI targets, while getting the biggest bang for the buck. He worked hard with the install group to assure my needs were met and issues were resolved. I would use them for my next project and recommend you give them an opportunity to save you money, too.

— Mike Carver, Denver Post Facilities Projects Director

Propp Realty Management —

I have worked with Matthew for more than three years. We have, to date, worked on fifteen to twenty projects together — some of my buildings receiving a little extra TLC and attention. New Standard Lighting has helped me with the rebate process, freed my schedule up to work on more pressing matters than lamp and ballast changes, made my buildings look better, and added value to my properties. I have more projects in mind and I look forward to working with New Standard Lighting on these projects, as well — they are easy to work with and an asset to have as consultants. They are a property manager's best friend.

— Chris Smith, Propp Realty Management's Facilities Projects Director